15 December, 2008

Pre-Xmas "Do-Stuff" mode...

Okay, well yesterday started the pre-xmas clean the house thing. I did the lounge-room, office nook (which took ages it was an absolute mess) and some of the verandah. It was a long day.

Then I went out for our end of year staff dinner and had a lovely time! I don't get much of a chance to go out so when I do I like to dress up and look pretty! Yay!

Today, I put the xmas tree up and the other few decorations that we have. So that was the morning job. Then I continued on with my sewing projects I have underway. I cut out my boyfriend shirt that I am making him for Christmas and for once put all the little marks on it - usually I couldn't be bothered but since I want this shirt to turn out really nice I am putting more effort in than usual. I also cut out the other half of my sister-in-law's pj pant and as we speak I am nearly finished my brother's pj pants. I just have the button fly and the waistband/draw string to do. I will post some pics up when I am done!

I hope that everyone else pre-Christmas plans are going well!

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