27 July, 2009

Freshly squeezed orange juice and $14 worth of bargains!

Sometimes I love going into op shops.

This morning I had to go down town to organise a repair for our dishwasher - fun times - and thought that while I was down there I may as well go into the local op shop and see what was to be found. Now, I understand that a small rural op shop is not going to have a well stocked inventory of those lucky to find one-off clothing pieces that you sometimes come across in a bigger town or in a city, but I went in specifically to have a look at their haberdashery stuff.

On a previous jaunt in the op shop I came away with 3 vintage patterns for the absurd price of 10c each. For more info go here So I was hopeful that I might come away with something.

This is what I picked up.

This batch of bargains includes:

A few metres of elastic trim with gathered ribbon attached

A couple of bits of ribbon, one purple and one a beautiful gold brocade type - they came together but I was really only interested in the brocade type.

A bit of royal blue felt that I think is a pretty good quality - planning to use for a millinery project.

A couple of metres of stretch black lace fabric - I was very excited by this as I think I was $4 dollars and is great quality.

Half of an old skirt in a cream poly fabric with lovely gold stripes through it - a bit of damage where something was removed - possibly a pocket - and where the seams were seperated. I think it is fairly old. I bought it as I am working on a project where you are only allowed to used recycled materials and I thought I could possibly use it.

A lovely piece of embroidered mesh fabric. I think about 4.5m but it is fairly narrow. Navy blue mesh with a white diamond pattern.

A fairly large piece of a floral fabric. Main fabric is white and it have purple flowers printed on. Very polyester but also very
pretty. It might have even been a bit of curtain material in a previous existence...

A very, very nice piece of floral georgette/chiffon type fabric. A couple of metres. This fabric drapes beautifully and I think would make something very special

And lastly a couple of metres of a green knit with a gold stripe running through it. Very 70s. Love it.

So after I toddled home in the beautiful sunshine of a very warm mid-winter day feeling very stoked with my bargain purchasing and wondering how much the same haul would have cost if the fabric and bits'n'pieces were brand new. Then I squeezed myself some orange juice and took a picture of all the fabric and sat typing this while enjoying previously mentioned orange juice.

Squeezed orange juice always reminds me of my Mama. Whenever we would go and visit she would squeeze orange juice for breakfast every single day. :) Good memories in fresh squeezed orange juice.

20 July, 2009

JJ Blouse

Well, I finished it!!

I actually really surprised myself. Instead of flinging it into a corner in disgust I pushed on and finished the whole thing. And with a good finish to everything as well.

It is still too big - as I thought it was going to be. Adjustments to the side seam and some ties so I can bring the back in are in order...

19 July, 2009

A bit of a disappointing sewing day...

I spent a lot of time sewing up my JJ blouse today. It is nearly finished, I just have to put the sleeves in, hem and do the button holes.

Number 1: I didn't like how the sleeves were done so I kind of got a bit stuck on those and then I changed how I was going to do them. I'm still not happy with them.

Number 2: It is too big. Now I'm not sure if this is because I used a fabric that had too much body so it is not draping correctly, or if I just should have made a smaller size...

So those are the 2 issues I have with the pattern and one may be my fault. The sleeves I just don't like at all and I am considering doing a sleeveless version, or just putting a little flounce instead of a sleeve.

I will admit that it was a trial run for this pattern, but I just don't like it when I put effort into sewing something well and it just doesn't work out how I want it to. Maybe a new day will shed a better light on the project.

Tomorrow I have to start work on Flair - no matter what the outcome of the JJ...

09 July, 2009

Pretty earrings and Procrastination...

The black skirt I mention in my previous post has now been cut out and sewn apart from the hem. It took me a long time to level a 2 circle skirt, but well worth the effort as it will look much better. I wasn't looking forward to sewing it so I have kind of been putting it off a bit... and below is a picture of one of the things I did to procrastinate.

I got a whole stack of these beautiful swarovski crystals 20% off at Spotlight and I just loved the colour so much I had to buy. :) I added the little cubes - also bought for 20% off - because they had so much bling! The picture hasn't done the green justice though. I made these a little over a week ago and have nearly been living in them since then. They add a lot of fun to an outfit. I haven't made earrings for ages and I need to practice my wire work more. Damn! I guess I will have more earrings to wear in the not to distant future!!! ;)


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