19 July, 2009

A bit of a disappointing sewing day...

I spent a lot of time sewing up my JJ blouse today. It is nearly finished, I just have to put the sleeves in, hem and do the button holes.

Number 1: I didn't like how the sleeves were done so I kind of got a bit stuck on those and then I changed how I was going to do them. I'm still not happy with them.

Number 2: It is too big. Now I'm not sure if this is because I used a fabric that had too much body so it is not draping correctly, or if I just should have made a smaller size...

So those are the 2 issues I have with the pattern and one may be my fault. The sleeves I just don't like at all and I am considering doing a sleeveless version, or just putting a little flounce instead of a sleeve.

I will admit that it was a trial run for this pattern, but I just don't like it when I put effort into sewing something well and it just doesn't work out how I want it to. Maybe a new day will shed a better light on the project.

Tomorrow I have to start work on Flair - no matter what the outcome of the JJ...

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