09 July, 2009

Pretty earrings and Procrastination...

The black skirt I mention in my previous post has now been cut out and sewn apart from the hem. It took me a long time to level a 2 circle skirt, but well worth the effort as it will look much better. I wasn't looking forward to sewing it so I have kind of been putting it off a bit... and below is a picture of one of the things I did to procrastinate.

I got a whole stack of these beautiful swarovski crystals 20% off at Spotlight and I just loved the colour so much I had to buy. :) I added the little cubes - also bought for 20% off - because they had so much bling! The picture hasn't done the green justice though. I made these a little over a week ago and have nearly been living in them since then. They add a lot of fun to an outfit. I haven't made earrings for ages and I need to practice my wire work more. Damn! I guess I will have more earrings to wear in the not to distant future!!! ;)

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