23 June, 2009

A new skirt! Wheeeeee!

I finally made something for myself! Hooray!

I did my usual thing of making it slightly too big... so I had to take some width off the sides. After sewing the waist facing on I thought it was still too big so spent a lovely hour or so sitting in front of the tv whilst unpicking. Took in front darts a further 1 cm each.

Waist (hip) now sat at a more comfortable level. So I then took in my facing and attatched to the skirt. If I had probably only just increased the length of the original pattern it probably would have taken a lot less time... oh well. Next skirt I make I will try to remember...

This afternoon I started to cut out the JJ blouse from Burdastyle. Cut out 3/4 of the main body and realised that I don't have enough fabric. UGH. Just as well it was from my stash and something that had been there for years so I am not likely to miss it. Still, it was pretty disappointing. I was thinking, "how much fabric does this bloody shirt need????" Far out.... So I have gone through my stash and found a couple of other bits of fabric. I am thinking I might have to do a bit of a mixed up thing with the fabric. Could turn out ok. We shall see!!!

I have to make a 2 and a 1/2 circle skirt for a student tomorrow. Out of black chiffon. That hem is going to be fun. NOT! I don't even want to think about the total length of it...

Til next time!

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