03 June, 2009

Where mind is wandering lately...

1. We are getting our ceiling painted. I am looking forward to having it finished. Hopefully when I get home from work on Saturday afternoon it will be all done!

2. I had a lovely weekend just gone. Helped a friend celebrate her 25th birthday. Was nice to spend some girly time with no boys around. :)

3. I am hoping that my sewing machine and overlocker are ready for me to pickup on Friday. They are having a service after their intense session of eisteddfod sewing.

4. My new pattern making book "Pattern Making for Fashion Design" is very good, very detailed, and very very daunting!!! eep.

5. Am getting a bit itchy to do some sewing. Can't til my machines come back. Flair deadline is coming up, need to get designing.

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