19 May, 2009

No more costumes...for a while anyway.

12 tutus, 11 boyleg unitards and several one-off costumes and one eisteddfod of 2 weeks duration and it is all over and done!! For now! Can't tell you how much I am enjoying not having to sit at the sewing machine. While I was 'working' cause it was work I just kept thinking of all these things I wanted to make for myself and now that I have the time to do it I don't have the urge. I'm sure it will come back.

Here are several pictures that show the state of my sewing room post-eisteddfod sewing. My next job will be to sort out the chaos. I pretty much finished sewing and then de-camped from my house for 2 weeks, the other half just shoved stuff in there that was living elsewhere in the house...

This is the view from the door.

And here is one corner of the room - as you can see I am not a very neat person.

And my sewing table, I don't work with this much crap on it but when not in use it tends to accumulate, well crap! This table is also complete with 'cat-observation' station (ie the orange fluffy cushion)

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