10 April, 2009

A birthday, flowers, a mocha birthday cake and more.

Today is my boyfriend's birthday. I feel the need to point out that I think we have been together too long to call each other 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' though. 9 years is a fair hike of a distance - well to a spring chicken like me.

So yes, it is his birthday and I have just put his birthday cake into the oven. It is a mocha cake that I got from a recipe book that came with our coffee machine. I have made this cake once before, and it was quite nice so I am hoping that the 2nd attempt will taste even better!

In my last blogging effort I declared that my daliahs were starting to bloom and as I sit here on my couch I am looking at 6 beautiful blooms cheerily sitting in a make-do vase. One has already lived to decorate my house and gone the way of the garbage bin...

On another note I am a bit besotted with this website at the moment. Ahhhhhh such lovely pretty stuff! Me likey!

Have a safe and Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it!


EmilyKate said...

heheheheheh I have been with my fella for 8 years and I feel weird saying 'boyfriend' too. We DID get engaged about 5 years ago and for awhile we refered to eachother as 'my finace' but now people just snort when we do that now because we haven't gotten off our ***es to get married in all that time!

Susan said...

LOL - even if not together for 9 years, at a certain age, b/f & g/f just doesn't work too well. lol. My guy turns 41 next month and it's just too painful to hear that kind of terminology at his age. lol.


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