18 February, 2009

What's the buzz? Stuff I've been up to and a great t-shirt.

Well, it has been quite a while since I have blogged anything but that is mainly because I haven't had anything to blog about!

I have had a very extended break from sewing over our Christmas break and am now getting back into it. Once again, I am doing costume sewing for students for one of the eisteddfods that is coming up in May. Yes, I know that seems a long way off, but when you have nearly 20 individual costumes to make, and 2 groups to do (one of 11, one of 10) the time just goes so quickly. I have finished one already and just have to do some minor sequining, so already I feel as if I am off to a better start than last year. Three skirt have been cut out and are now hanging so they drop before I have to hem them. I have a lot of fabric waiting to be attacked, and learnt from last year that I needed to get deposits from 'clients' before ordering fabric!

I have also decided to enter a local Fashion award later in the year. The Flair Fashion Awards. I know I am not a fashion designer, but it is open to anyone and I really do enjoy the creative process when I make costumes so I thought why not try my hand at non-costumes? There are several different categories and I have already started on a few designs. I am actually pretty excited and can't wait for the entries to open later this month! It will be good to try to create something of a high calibre. Very fortunately I found a photography site that has images up from the past 3 years of Flair, so I was able to get some sort of idea of the types of things that actually get included in the runway show. This is it here. Some of the clothes are absolutely gorgeous and some well, maybe I don't know enough about fashion, but some don't seem so gorgeous to me... So I will be updating pretty frequently on that project I'd say.

One of the categories is "Rags to Riches" which is basically recycling from a 2nd hand garment and I found a lovely coloured dress on ebay which I was lucky enough to win. I only bought it for the colour... I will post a picture of it once I have taken one!

Also noticed the other day that I have 2 new followers, so welcome and I hope my blogs are at least mildly interesting!

Oh! I also found the funniest shirt the other day when I was visiting Jinx. Now I did enjoy the books (not so much the 3rd one - that one annoyed me) but when I saw this I just cracked up laughing. I think it is great.

I am seriously thinking of indulging my inner geek and purchasing one - blow the currency exchange rate!

The Twilight books were on the whole very enjoyable but I reckon if I had stumbled across this tee while I was reading the 3rd book I probably would have bought it on the spot!

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