17 March, 2009

2 down, many to go.

Well I have just finished my 2nd costume.

Many, many to go. Some are in various stages of construction some I haven't even started yet. Eep!

My usual online source of fabric sent me the wrong thing in my recent order, which has delayed my starting that particular project, but the replacement material should be here at the end of the week.

I am just enjoying a cup of coffee before I go and get back into it all.

Please enjoy the pics of this tutu I made last April/May. I finally got the dancer it was made for to model her costumes for me. This tutu is fitted especially to her and took quite a while to finalise the fit.

It was my first attempt at a fully fitted tutu made on a basque and I sort of improvised how to do it as I went along. Its not perfect but I was pretty pleased with the end result!

1 comment:

EmilyKate said...

WOW! it is so beautifully fitted! She must have been very pleased with your work :o)


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