28 October, 2008

It's a Tuesday night and I'm bored...

As you can probably see from my title today, it's Tuesday night and I'm bored. 

I spent the majority of today finishing off a sewing project for a sew-along on www.burdastyle.com and I have to say that it did turn out quite well despite the fact that my procrastination and distraction of said task lead me to nearly stuff it up on a couple of occassions! I then tackled the computer trying to upload pics onto the above website.

Here is my dress!!!

After that, I have started doing dummies for costumes that I am making for the end of year ballet concert for work. We are doing "Peter Pan" as one of 3 items this year and I am making the costumes for Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and Capt. Hook! I have 3 weeks to get them finished. 

Tinker Bell: Is a dress over a leotard. The dress is stretch so I am hoping that just extending the line of the leotard past the hip/leg line and making it into a dress will work. I have done the dummy dress for this and it seems like it will work, I just have to try it on. This dress with have a flesh insert in the front. Not sure how I am doing the wings yet.... 
Estimated time to complete dress:  1/2 a day, as she is tiny and the pattern is not complicated.

Pan: Completely un-Disney. Thank God! I am dying white cotton lycra in an attempt to get a mottled look to the fabric. It will basically be a unitard that is slashed in various places, (filled with flesh stretch mesh) lots of leaves (fabric and fake? not sure yet) and a few fabric patches. The base should not take long to make, but the dressing will take a few days. Fitting shouldn't be too hard either. Estimated time to completion: 2 weeks.

Hook: Red coat, brown pants, boots, frilly shirt. BUT... as it is for dance, all this needs to be taken into consideration. The coat is going to be made out of stretch sateen. I have to cut and sew the dummy for this tomorrow. The pattern seems easy enough. I anticipate a fair bit of adjustment in the shoulder area as it is a mens pattern and the girl being hook is quite small in the shoulders. The pants are going to be knee length tights made out of a brown stretch fabric - isn't lycra but will do the job. The boots are getting ordered from the local fancy dress shop so hopefully they will be okay. The shirt... now here is where I'm going to be creative. The shirt will be a basic leotard top attatched to the pants - so it will be like a short unitard. I will then attatched a non stretch fabric to the front only. The top half of the 'leotard' will be high necked so that I can attatch the frills. There is no 'non stretch shirt' at the back as the coat will not be taken off - the same goes with the sleeves. I will just attatch frills to the cuffs of the coat. Then I have to trim in gold braid and buttons. the hat with feather is also coming from the fancy dress shop. Estimated time to completion: 2 weeks. (3 at the most.) Then again it might not be as hard as I imagine!

Keeping in mind that I only have 4 sewing days to my week... I'm hoping that the end of this week when I am teaching will be the try-on week and then I can get stuck into it!

So that is a very long winded post!!! 

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