23 August, 2009

Now onto the next thing.

Well, I got my garment (and cocktail hat) finished to my satisfaction and dropped off in time. I hand delivered on Friday. Fittings were yesterday and I am hoping that it fit on one of the models ok. Judging was today and so now I am just waiting for the finalists to be posted on the Flair website.

They seem to be a little bit slow with their updating sometimes, but the Premiere Evening is less than a week - next Saturday - so they can't really take that long to post. I am guessing that finalists are the ones that get onto the runway and that is all that I am hoping to acheive. It is so hard to tell though, I have no idea what the other garments in my category were like. I am not expecting to be a finalist but it would be very nice if I was. :)

I have a very bad picture of my finished dress but I took it on my boyfriends 'point and shoot' and not my dslr and it was a low light situation so it is very grainy.

As you can see, it is very short. Originally the ruffles were not going to be on the bottom but I added them for length and in the end I think the garment is the better for it.

Here are some shots of my 'fabulous' cocktail hat. :)

I had absolutely NO idea of how to go about millinery so I just made it up as I went along. :) I really had a lot of fun making this little hat. In the end I think it is quite cute.

If it gets on the runway I am hoping to get some pics of it all on a model!

Stay tuned.

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