30 December, 2009

The Quest of the "Comfy Undies"

I know, I know, undies aren't really that interesting a project - but please bare with me on this one.

Below is the result pair from undie pattern attempt number 1.

That is actually a couple of strips of stretch lace on the side there, but the, um, weave (I guess that is the right word - correct me if I'm wrong) of the lace is very tight so it just looks like 2 blue strips. Anyway...

I am on a quest.

A quest to draft myself a great fitting pattern for a pair of comfy undies.

The above pair is the result of attempt number one. They fit, ok. Not great. Just ok. Too high on hips, leg holes too low at front, not enough bum in the necessary areas, and perhaps too long in the crutch. The above pattern was a direct draft from a leotard pattern I have. It was a good place to start from, but I have thrown that pattern out and am now considering getting it out of the recycling bin as a reference to make the next pair better.

I am thinking that I may have to sacrifice a pair of existing undies in this pursuit. I have a few pairs that I can probably let go of...

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