27 December, 2009

Some boardshorts for me!

These started life as a present for my boyfriend.

I had no pattern so I traced a pattern off a pair of his boardshorts.

I obviously didn't do a very good job of tracing because once I had sewn the seams I tried them on myself to see if they were as big on me as his normal pair, they fit me quite well and thus would have been too small for James.

So, instead of throwing them in the corner as a failed project, I decided to finish them off for myself.

I cut about 4cm off the top of the shorts and put in a couple of darts at the back which I wouldn't have put in if I'd been making them for a boy.

The facing for the top of the shorts wasn't quite right in shape (cause of the darts) so it ended up being half as wide so that I could sew it in without the actual shorts bubbling.

I figured out how to do the fly with a lycra backing instead of velcro - I hate velcro with a passion. Again I studied his pair for this. After finishing this I tried them on and the fly didn't sit right. I decided that I would just do a button fly instead. Easy!

They don't fit really well, but hey it's beachwear!! Who really cares?

They are reasonably comfy and I love the print.

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