16 February, 2010

...and then the tulle monster laid some eggs...

16 to be exact. 16 little bundles of scratchy fluff.

Yes! I have finally finished sewing all layers on these little tutus. I now have the fun tasks of sewing the crutch, and tacking all of the layers on all 16 of these little buggers.

I have invested in a tagging gun to assist with the tacking down of the many layers...

Will keep you updated.

Oh, and as a treat to myself for slogging my way through all of that fun-ness up there, I am planning on sewing something for myself! Shock, Horror! Can it be????

1 comment:

lauren carney said...

oh i am thoroughly enjoying the prettiness of this post!
the picture isl quite lovely!
thanks for the inspiration!
happy blogging x x


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