08 December, 2010

Dance concert 2010.

I have had a flat out year sewing costumes for work and haven't really had time - or the inclination - to blog. Now to end the drought are some pics from our end of year concert.


I made these for the junior half of our concert. We presented "Babes in Toyland" and these girls did a cute little number to the lemonade song - if anyone knows the movie.

10 half tutus
10 leotards with arm frills
10 caps
Lots and lots of yellow!

Swan Lake, Act II

Our senior vocational ballet students presented Act II of Swan Lake, as this year we were lucky enough to have a very talented boy studying with us. It was a big challenge for them, and I think they learnt a lot.
I did the design for 31 lovely swans. Which included designing the tutu overlays and the bodice pieces as well. I was lucky enough not the have to make 31 sets of tutu plates though. And I only had to sew half of the bodice pieces which then had to be attached to the tutus. As we used both full tutus and leotards with half tutus more leotards had to be made as well. 
The tutu overlays were made of a layer of opalescent organza sewn onto a layer of tulle with silver ribbon around the edge. A layer of white lycra was sewn onto the organza layer and was painted with feather details and embellished with sequins. 
The bodices consisted of 2 lycra oval shapes with 4 painted turkey feathers sewn onto each. These were sewn onto the fronts of the leotards and tutus after a length of opalescent braid had been attached to the flesh insert. A feather was then sewn down the centre front of the tutus and leotards. 

The gorgeous headpieces were designed and made by another lady so I can't take credit for them. They are basically hackle pads glued onto headbands with some beading in the centre. Odette has a small tiara as well.

Our lovely Odette, Ayesha.

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