28 July, 2010

Crazy Crochet Wednesday

Since my last post things in the land of chrochet have gone a little, well insane.

My long standing crochet project has progressed significantly and I have now run out of wool. Which has of course stalled my enthusiasm somewhat. Not to worry, I have another side project going and I have plenty of wool for that one - no pictures of that yet though.

I have finally taken a picture of a scarf that I crocheted about 6 months ago (very oddly during my summer holiday period) It is the first thing that I have crochet that isn't some form of granny square. Not sure if I got the tension 100% spot on, but I like it. I wore it the other day and got multiple compliments for it. Props for me! Yay! 

I used used 3 balls of wool (but you can make it whatever length you like) and the pattern came from Ravelry. It was a free pattern and really easy to crochet. It is called Queen Anne's Lace. If you are wanting something easy to make that isn't a granny square give this one a go. 

There are just so many lovely projects on Ravelry. These are a couple that are on my list for next time I catch the 'crochet-bug'

This gorgeously delicious clutch. Very similar to a Chanel one that I saw in April 2010 of Australian Vogue... knock-off anyone?

Here is Chanel's.
It really is quite sweet.

This sweet little cuff. 

Even these rings are quite darling, but I'm not sure if my skills are up to them yet...

And a sweet headband.

All of the patterns that I have featured and linked to are free from the Ravelry website. You just need to join up! Ravelry also has alot of knitting patterns and resources as well. I am just more interested in crochet - it is easier to fix if you stuff it up!

So, sorry for all the pictures. Well, I'm not actually. They are all pretty, with the possible exception of my home photography attempts ;)

I hope you enjoyed my Crazy Crochet Wednesday!

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