21 July, 2010

What do you do on a rainy day?

Today has been pretty miserable. It started out ok and then just got worse. Rain has now set in and it is cold. Oh well, that is winter for you. So yes, slight case of cabin fever today. This is what I did to occupy myself.

1. Gave one of my fingers a slight case of wool-burn from doing a tad too much work on my 'on-going crochet project' .

2. Watched an episode of Babylon 5.

3. Made a cake. Which as I type is still in the oven. An oven that I am still not used to cooking things in. I think it cooks hot... Anyway it is a mocha cake and the batter tasted pretty damn good, so here's hoping that the cake doesn't get burnt.

I had every intention of going for a run today. I am, however, a fair weather runner at the best of times so once the rain had set in for the day that put an end to any thoughts of running. If my cake turns out to be nice I may perhaps have to suck up the discomfort of the rain and go for one tomorrow anyway... I have no self control when it comes to sweets.

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