18 July, 2010


I still haven't sewn anything for myself yet. (insert big frowny face) I am just about to start on the next lot of costume sewing. (insert sort of frowny face, but not so much of one as I do get financial results from my costuming exploits) My sewing room still looks like a bomb has been detonated in it. I really need a more effective way of storing all of my sewing stuff - what do you guys do with all of your crafting parafernalia?

So, while I don't have anything really on the sewing-front to write about, I really wanted to blog something as I haven't posted up anything for an age. I do have a sewing experiment on the goodness of the skill of tailoring in the pipeline (this means I'm thinking about it a lot but nothing further has happened) so when I get that up and running you can be sure that I will be posting some more then.

Just so that this post isn't just text heavy, here are some pics of my long-on-going crochet project!

I think some of them are quite pretty. Although at the rate I am going, it will be another 5 years before I finish the rug!

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