08 January, 2011

I'm Joining in!!!

Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness is having a men's shirt sew-along.

As you can see from the side bar, I'm joining in on this one. I bought my pattern - the same one Peter is using - this morning from Colette Patterns.

It is pattern No. 1014 from Negroni. I have previously made the Burdastyle.com Jakob for my fiance, but I found it a bit too boxy. So, while I could have just made a different version of that same pattern, I decided against it and went with a new one. Hopefully it will arrive in time for our February start date!

It seems to be the time of year for sew-alongs. Sunny over at The Cupcake Goddess is having a pant sew-along. I was nearly going to participate in this one, but one thing that I wanted to do for myself was draft a pant pattern that is based off my own measurements. I have gotten tired of

a) Not buying pants becuase the fit is so bad


b)Not making pants from pre-maid pattern due to the amount of fiddling I would have to do to the pattern.

So yes, drafting a pattern is on my list of things to do - here's to not getting intimidated!

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