25 January, 2011

Negroni pattern and fabric for Male Pattern Boldness sew-along!

Fabric and Pattern

The fabric is absolutely gorgeous. It feels so nice that I wish I was making the shirt for myself!

The print is larger than I was expecting, but this is good because it does make it more masculine. I thought it was a fairly gender-neutral print when I ordered it, so this is a good thing. I'm fairly sure the fiance will like it as he has bought himself a floral print button up shirt.

I bought it from Tessuti and it arrived so quickly! I quite often lust after fabric on this website but have never bought anything before. When I last made a shirt for the fiance-man I had so much trouble finding anything decent. I ended up buying quilting weight fabric as there just wasn't anything with a decent print that was cotton. As a result, it is quite a heavy weight shirt so he only tends to wear it in winter. So keeping in mind my previous fabric difficulties I decided to join the party and pony up the cash for this project. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with the quality of fabric even if it was kinda more than I was wanting to spend. I will just have to do an extremely good job sewing it. Pressure much?

Anyway, why is it that I won't spend the money on fabric for myself? Probably because I will get petrified of ruining it and it will sit in my stash for years and years is why...

The way that the pattern is packaged and presented is just lovely and bodes well for construction and fit of the pattern I think.

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