18 November, 2008

me and my vmo...

No sewing news on the blog today. 

Today I went to see the physio.

I have been experiencing knee discomfort on and off for a few months and have been finding it a bit disturbing that my knee cap seemed to be moving around in ways it is not meant to. So, finally biting the bullet before I did something really silly to it - as could be likely by being a ballet teacher - off to the physio I went.

Apparently my VMO muscle is weak. I thought it would be something like that, but am not a physio so don't exactly know these things. 

I am currently sitting here with some lovely strapping tape on my knee. I am hoping that I am not allergic to it as I am meant to keep it on for 3 days.

A little bit of homework (ie exercises) on my part everyday and it should be right. So hopefully that should be my only trip to the physio!

That is all for now. Very enthralling all that wasn't it??

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